Saturday, February 23, 2008

What? Your leaving me?

It was a regular Thursday night, time for another groundschool session. As I walk down the hall with my overly bulky flightbag, my instructor (also for flightschool) walks up to me. "Well, it's been good flying with ya, but I'm outta here dog!" Wha? I was stunned and in disbelief. "Your kidding right?" "Nah" Jeff said, "I'm heading back to the private sector". I flash-backed to my initial interview of Jeff, and after my inquirey into his stability, he said "I'm not going anywhere. I've got 3500hrs of regional experience, and I'm not going back to that hell."

Here I was sprung back to the present. Shocked I simply let my jaw drop at sudden and harsh truth of it all.

Jeff was the last full time CFII at the FBO. Two other CFI's were still there, but were only part time, and couldn't fly at night. I realized I was in serious schedule hardship when I looked at it online. Apart from fighting for Saturdays, I'd have to take time off work, or long lunches to fit on the books.

Even so, this paled in comparison knowing I'd have to get used to a new CFI. Half our class had already soloed, but I'm not even close yet. Everyone was bummed, but at least those who've soloed didn't have the schedule issues. I'd read other blogs, and heard nightmares of their instructors leaving...I swore It wouldn't happen to me... yet again another humbling experience.

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