Monday, October 6, 2008

The Checkride date is SET (Oct 12th)!

My instructor called me up a few days ago, letting me know my checkride was set! Looks like it'll be Sunday, high noon. *Cue old western wistle*

I'm hugely excited and, of course, nervous. Not so much about the DPE, but about my own consistency and knowledge capacity. Lord knows my mind feels like Al Bundy, were every fact I try to crame in, something else pops out. It may be that lost fact that gets me. Secondly I'm not always consistent on my flying...though over time I'm far better now than I used to be. I don't even think about landings anymore...gone are the days of fearing them.

Still, one time recently I was practicing my steep turns. Sure enough, I failed to be within PTS. In my mind I was raising cane! Here was a manuever I rarely go beyound +/-50' and I busted it. I'm sure if I recognize it early on the Checkride, I'll correct for it, and may not cause a failure...but I worry none the less.

SO I'm going for a solo practice tommorow...just to gauge how I am on all the manuevers. Gotta makes sure I'm holding heading in stalls & slow-flight, and still nailing short fields. All of these are IMHO, my worst areas. If there are some nice clouds, or a gracious streek of ice trails in the sky, then I should do fine.

If all goes well, my next post or so should be my final blog as a Student Pilot!

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