Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm officially a Private Pilot!

After working toward my Private Pilot certification for almost, a's finally over! As of 1:15PM 10/12/2008 I add my name to large, yet still limited, list of people. Those who've conquered their fears of coming down (let's face it, going up is easy), and lived to tell the tale. To some, it may be nothing particulary special, but if you look back to Dec 17th, 1903, it's been a mere 105 years since the first pilot was born. (Fortunetly, today, we don't have to crash to learn how to fly. )

There have been times of glee, and times of frustration, and of course doubt in my training. Even my support team was split on this endeavor. Some thought it was a huge waste of money with uneccesary risk, while others supported me triumphantly. For those who kept me going, who helped keep the fires kindled for my passion, and gave a friendly shoulder...I deeply thank you. I would not have succeded without you. Though I was the next to last to solo in our class of 8 students, as of today, I'm the only one whose become a private pilot. Most either gave up for various reasons, or lost interest...again without my friends and family, I may have to.

Learning to fly was only part of the journey. The amount of knowledge you must assimulate (IMHO) is huge. From FAA regulations to weather forcasting, to communication systems, and of course the physics & systems of the airplane itself. Had I known this beforehand, I might of reconsidered. It has placed 2nd in my "most difficult commitments" list. The first being succesful in my career (which includes college). The title of this blog is ever important, as it did just that. This took all my senses and my tested my nuerons to their limits. At times, I felt like Al bundy, when one piece of data went in, I know something else leaked out forever. There's a reason why the oral part of the exam is often longer than the flight.

I leave now, still humble at how much there is still left to learn, and with a huge sense of respect for all aspects of flight & nature. I look forward to that learning, of gaining more practical knowledge & expanding my skills. Far too often, we, are the limitation...not the marvelous machines of flight.

So, if your ever in the area, drop me line...and I'll take you up. Be forwarned though, it just might get you hooked!

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