Monday, January 19, 2009

So much for flying...

Everyone who's worked towards their PPL, know it takes allot of work, time, and money. Remove either of the two last bits, and it's not possible.

It's often frustrating when that happens. Even more so, is when you do make it, and have that glorious sign-off to freedom...only to have it taken away.

My workplace announced a not-so-nice paycut of 10%, no more 401k contributions, and no raises. It's almost amuzing how that 10% worked out to be my exact budget for flying every month. It wasn't much, but enough to ensure I flew two or three times. Now, I felt my living force drain...drain back into the dream killer cubicle.

Maybe I'll find another way to get me flight fix...maybe a few of us pilots can get together, and share the cost and make a single flight manageable. Maybe I'll finish working on the R/C airplanes and heli's...I dunno... In the meantime, this blog will undoubtedly become fairly sparse. The thought of that sucks, as their are so many cool experiences written down here. Now I know they'll be stalled for a while, the question is...will I regain airspeed and pull up in time? Who knows when some corporation is at the controls.......bastards.

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