Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yes! I've still got it!

Today, that title would mean two things: 1) The paycut our company is doing, won't happen until Feb's paycheck, so I can still afford to fly!!! 2)After 3wks of not flying, my landings were pretty good, with 3 of 4 being squeekers!!

As anyone who has spent allot of time honing their skills...even a small sebaticle raises personal concern. I was no exception, and the last time I was serious crosswind practice! Today, winds from the north, gauranteed a nice easy flight. It was cloudy, with the ceiling at 4500'. Ah..nice stable air :)

I like to fly to new places, even if it's just an airport 28nm away...such as Rocky Mount International (RWI). A single runway, but a long one! When I arrived at PGV, they had the plane nicely tucked in the hanger! HECK YEAH! No freezing outside doing preflight, or having tuff times getting her started! I finished the preflight, and we litterally pull her out of the hanger. This is quite easy to do with these light birds!

I go through the checklist, by memory, and then check it against the actual list. WOOT! Nothing missed, though I did ALMOST forget to check the flaps! All the vitals were good, time to fly! Tim, the instructor in his new tailwheel, gives me a thumbs up, and I'm on my way. (Note: I hope to have money to get some tailwheel training and endorsement!)

The flight went smooth, as it all immediatly came back to me. It was pretty cold until the engine really warmed up...which took a while. Air was smooth, and I found myself relaxed and enjoying the scenery!

I flew over a few little towns, a golf course, and there I was at RWI.

I get on the radio, but there's no one all. So I cross mid-field, everything looks good, and I tear drop into left downwind. At this time, I get a little nervous, being my first landing in a while, and at a different airport. I just went through the normal routine, and everthing went perfectly. My airspeeds were dead on, and only a little bit high on the glide slope. I came in, ready to flare...which is were ALL the ART of flying is, and did it all perfectly...1st landing greased! I was STOKED!

With my worries unfounded, I did two more touch and goes at RWI. Both of those turned out fairly smooth as well, but not as perfect as the first. Still, they were smooth enough, and on the centerline.

As I turned home, I viewed Rocky Mount, and the nearby river. I was extremely happy that "I've still got it" and enjoyed the flight home. Along the way, a few more pics.

After ariving back at home base, I was pretty pleased...heck I was extatic (SP?). I guess flying is now down into the muscles and subconcious. Like riding a bike!

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